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How Do I Cook Pork Skins?

Posted by Logan Bergeron on 3/22/2018 to Recipes
The key to popping these pellets is hot oil. First, you'll want to heat up the oil to 400F. A thermometer is useful here, as you want to be sure that the oil doesn't go over 415F. Once the oil has reached 400F, drop a small handful of pork skin pellets into the oil. Use a utensil to hold the pellets under the oil for one minute, then release them and scoop them out. The skins should be fully expanded now - if they are not, try using a few less skins in the next batch. Place on a plate covered with 3 layers of paper towels to drain the surface oil from the skins. Once dried, you can season with Cajun seasoning, barbecue seasoning, or a salt and vinegar seasoning blend. The skins do not need to be salted separately, as they as already salted. You can serve these hot or cooled!

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